Home Sellers Survey

There are advantages for all parties involved. We recommend that you instruct this survey prior to placing your property on the market in order that you can be fully aware of any significant potential issues which may affect the value and your agent will be able to reflect this in the asking price. Alternatively, you will be aware of any potential defects which will be picked up on a survey and you can address prior to marketing the property.

The prospect of a sale falling through or last minute renegotiation due to a negative survey is much reduced. This will help to protect all parties from potentially abortive costs and any related inconveniences.

This report can be fully re-assigned to the named buyer following exchange of contracts. We will accept responsibility to the buyer in exactly the same way we would if they had commissioned a conventional survey from us themselves. If there is a time lapse in excess of three months from the date of the original survey then a re-inspection would be required.